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Chinese Herbal Consultations
with Dr. Eran Even, DR. TCM, Ph.D.


Chinese Herbal Consultations

After two successful clinical teaching days with Dr. Eran Even, Dr. TCM, Ph.D. in 2023, we are extremely pleased to be planning more clinics in 2024! If you are experiencing chronic and complex health concerns, stay tuned for these opportunities to have an herbal consultation with Dr. Even. Dr. Even will be traveling to Kelowna, Comox, and Squamish to offer Chinese Medicine diagnoses and herbal prescriptions, while simultaneously teaching students of his Jingfang Classical Herbalism program. If you or your loved ones are looking for an alternative perspective to your health concerns, please read below for details on these clinics and Dr. Even.

CLinic Details

Kelowna, B.C.: June 15th & 16th, and September 21st & 22nd at Acupuncture Kelowna.

Squamish, B.C.: October 19th & 20th at LivWell.

What: Classical Chinese Medicine consultation with Dr. Even and seven other doctors/practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine who are students of his Jingfang Classical Herbalism program via Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

Who: This opportunity is best suited for those with chronic and complex conditions that may include gastrointestinal disorders, allergic and autoimmune diseases, gynecological conditions, dermatological conditions, respiratory conditions, rheumatological conditions, urinary conditions, neurological conditions, cardiovascular conditions, children’s diseases, and/or psychological disorders. It is not best suited for musculoskeletal conditions or injuries.

Details: These 40-minute consultations will include a verbal intake of your health concerns, taking of your pulse at the wrist, examination of your abdomen, and observation at your tongue. Dr. Even will be leading the consultation, and all seven of his students will be present to observe your consultation, feel your pulse and abdomen.

Cost: $140 - this includes your 40-minute consultation and 2-weeks of herbal medicines. Please note that this cannot be submitted to extended health benefits as no acupuncture treatment will be performed. Payment will be collected 1-week prior to the appointment.

Booking: Please contact Dr. Paula Woodward at with the subject line “Booking with Dr. Even” to book an appointment.

Dr. Eran Even, Dr.TCM, Ph.D

Dr. Even graduated from a five-year Chinese medical doctoral program at the Shang Hai Traditional Chinese Medicine College in 2003 in Vancouver, BC. After interning with local Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors and studying the Chinese language, he went to China to complete graduate training at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. There he mentored under one of China’s greatest acupuncturist, Dr. Yu Lan-Bai. In 2015, Dr. Even earned a designation of Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine through the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, Dr. Even trained with Professor Huang Huang, a world renowned specialist in Classical Chinese Medicine, at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. In 2019, Dr. Even became one of the first non-Chinese practitioners in Canada to receive a doctorate degree from a Chinese university. He completed his PhD studies through the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine with Professor Huang as his clinical advisor. 


In addition to Dr. Even’s educational achievements, he has also published several translations in journals and publications including The Journal of Chinese Medicine, The Lantern, The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and the International Journal of Integrative Oncology. He has translated a seminal Chinese medicine text which was published in September 2014 through the Chinese Medicine Database. Most recently he has completed a translation of his teacher's latest book, which will be published in spring of 2023 by Eastland Press.


Dr. Even is a teacher through his own educational platform, Chinese Medicine Classics, which offers several classes on various subjects in the field of Classical Chinese Medicine based on his clinical experience and his teachers' clinical experience. These classes are approved and affiliated with the International Jingfang Institute of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

The Kangxi Emperor's Southern Inspection Tour, Scroll Three - Ji'nan to Mount Tai (15)_edi

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn from Dr. Even and to you for your participation. Chinese Medicine is built on the knowledge of those who have come before us. It has been passed down through the millennia and this style of teaching and observation is crucial for its preservation. 

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