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"Kylie is an exceptional practitioner. She is very skilled and knowledgeable, while also being incredibly kind and compassionate. She is able to meet her patients wherever they are and support them. Doctors and practitioners may be the experts in their fields’, but each one of us is the expert when it comes to our own body. No one knows our bodies better than we do, and our bodies have their own innate intelligence. Kylie truly honours this. When Kylie was treating me and prescribing herbs, I felt like I was part of the process, not just a passive recipient. She created a space where I felt truly safe, seen, heard and respected, which allowed for deeper healing. I’m so grateful to have met Kylie on my healing journey, and recommend her wholeheartedly as a practitioner!"


“Kylie is one of the most heart centred and dedicated practitioners that I have come across. She creates a space of love and acceptance, and really makes you feel cared for, heard, and held in this space. Anytime I was treated by Kylie, I would leave feeling a sense of hope and the path towards my goals would feel clearer. Her acupuncture and herbal treatments always seemed to ‘hit the mark’ and helped me immensely in improving my symptoms with chronic gastritis and anxiety. I’m so appreciative of Kylie and the work she does!"


"Kylie was recommended to me by a friend in the fall of 2019 and it's an understatement to say I'm lucky to have had the chance to work with her. After moving from the east coast, I was looking for a practitioner to carry the torch with my recovery from a chronic health issue. I was dealing with ongoing lethargy, digestive issues, brain fog, poor concentration, and fluctuating mood. Over the course of several months of regular (weekly/bi-weekly) visits, I was able to progress through some frustrating plateaus and reach a level of health that I haven't in a long long time. Kylie has incredible character. She's a grounding yet containing presence, an authentic and uplifting spirit, and an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner. I always looked forward to my visits, knowing I would be understood, not rushed, and that I would leave feeling at ease and confident about the process. I highly recommend Kylie Rodger!"


"Kylie did more than treat my physical disharmonies, she allowed for a healing space where I was fully heard and understood. Her positive outlook gave such reassurance in what I was doing and what healing I would gain from her treatments. She is so easy to connect with in a deep way, Kylie is a true healing soul. The things I seek in a practitioner would include the ability to connect and understand, to be heard and to be comfortable enough to speak about health including mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, Kylie truly encompasses all of those things and really helped me with my health and overall wellness. She is unconditionally inclusive and an amazing practitioner! I cannot recommend her more."

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"Kylie’s warm and professional nature is one that makes for a relaxing, nourishing and enjoyable treatment. Before my session with Kylie I had feelings of nervousness, stress and unease. While she did my intake, carefully explaining the process and expectations of the treatment, I began to relax. During the treatment I nearly fell asleep as I felt my body let go of the tension I was holding onto. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and calm. It is clear that Kylie is passionate and knowledgeable about her work, the time she takes to explain things, answer questions and make patients feel comfortable is unmatched. If you are lucky enough to book in with this incredible practitioner, jump at the opportunity!"


"I first started seeing Kylie as a practitioner while she was still studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College. During all my sessions with Kylie I felt held, like I was being taken care of. She listened to everything I said and with ease she put the puzzle pieces together. I noticed shifts almost immediately, by following her herbal protocols as well as her acupuncture treatments. Kylie is such a bright beautiful soul and welcomes anyone with open arms, she is dedicated to her studies and her work really shows for it.” 

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"Kylie Rodger.. This amazing lady has the kindest and most caring soul. Kylie treated me with acupuncture and herbs once a week for over a year. Every treatment I received from Kylie, I felt heard, acknowledged, and truly cared for. I was seeing Kylie to help with some digestive issues after travelling third world countries. Kylie would give me acupuncture, as well as prescribe herbal remedies that helped with my symptoms. I would walk out of every treatment feeling a sense of calmness, and stillness within my body. It felt as if everything was moving and flowing as it should. I cannot recommend Kylie enough!!"

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